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For as little as $14.00 a week, Wholly Crap will clean your yard of that nasty dog waste. There are many advantages to keeping your yard clean. Dog waste compromises the appearance of your yard, attracts flies and other pests, pollutes ground water, offends the neighbors and most significantly, endangers the health of your pets and your family. Dog waste removal services exist to make life more pleasant for dog owners by eliminating the most unpleasant aspects of dog ownership -- at a surprisingly low cost!

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You can sign-up now by using our online sign-up form, contacting us through email or picking up the phone and giving us a call! You won't be sorry that you did because it will help you and your pet live healthier lives. Please try to provide all the information on the form so that we may contact you in a timely manner.

Why should I be concerned with the removal of waste?

Dog waste often contains a variety of organisms--including bacteria and internal parasites--which may be both communicable and harmful to humans, especially children. Fecal coliform bacteria, for example, can cause severe stomach illness and rashes.

In addition, various diseases and parasitic infestations also can be spread from dog to dog through uncollected feces. Because many dogs have a propensity to eat another dog's waste, the threat of spreading disease this way should be a real concern to pet owners.